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With a large and high-contrast 11 inch display, the Geonav 11 Elite gives crystal clear information even under the worst weather conditions. Add a responsive, user- friendly keyboard and this plotter is the easiest and safest and most prestigious instrument you can have onboard.

The Geonav 11 Elite is the fastest answer to your navigational questions:

Where are we? Where are we going? The screen always displays your boat's position and your heading vector in bold symbols.

When will we get there? Large, easy to read information windows answer all important navigational questions at-a-glance.

Where is the nearest port for fuel?

The GO-TO key immediately finds the three nearest ports to your vessel and indicates which services are available.

Why wait? Why worry? The Geonav 11 Elite is for those uncompromising navigators who value safety, performance, ease of use and prestige.

Geonav 11 Elite uses NAVIONICS seamless cartography, winner of the NMEA Award for best electronic charts. One post stamp sized cartridge contains up to 200 nautical charts and port plans.
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-Helpon line
- GOTO function
- Screen Amplifier
- Heading vector
- Autozoom
- Overzoom
-Guide to port services
-8 marker shapes with 8 characters name
-Waypoint editing
-Reverse route function
-Selectable depth units
-Speed and heading filter
-16 zoom levels
-position error calibration

- 20 memory pages
-up to 840 waypoints
-up to 28.000 trackpoints
-up to 3600 markers

-NMEA 0183

-Monochrome transflective liquid crystal
-4 Levels of backlight
-8 Levels of contrast
-Backlighted keyboard
-Operating Temperature 0 to +50 C

-Power consumption (with backlight and GPS): 8W
-Input Voltage/auxiliar output voltage : 10 - 36 VDC



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